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Ripon College campus activities cancelled in response to COVID-19 – RIPON MEDIA

Around 7 o’clock Wednesday, March 11, Ripon College students received an email from Ripon College President Zach Messitte that cancelled all “non-essential” campus events for the remainder of the week in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak reaching Fond du Lac County. Wednesday afternoon, two cases of the potentially deadly disease were confirmed in the county. The email explains that, at this point, classes will continue to meet through Friday, but students should prepare to take al

Professor Rafael Salas to translate rustic Wisconsin into artwork – RIPON MEDIA

For his upcoming sabbatical, Professor Rafael Salas will be traveling and examining rural Wisconsin roads to encapsulate the contrast of nature and humanity through his artwork. Salas hopes the work will aid in teaching students about the deeper meanings behind everyday life and attract potential students to Ripon College. “I plan to travel to roads designated as ‘rustic’ by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Wisconsin to compare t

A Ripon professor’s Cold War past – RIPON MEDIA

“I think enough time has passed where nobody will come after me,” said Professor Lorna Sopcak on her time in Cold War Era Germany. When walking the floors of West Hall, one may be unaware of the unique life story of Lorna Sopcak. Before becoming a professor of social studies, literature and German at Ripon College, Sopcak lived in Munich, Germany from 1970-1984. As a resident of Germany, Sopcak married a Czechaslovakian man, a man who would lead her to her fair share of troubles. Sopcak and her

Student Senate constitution undergoing possible changes – RIPON MEDIA

On Sept. 25, a representative of Black Student Union (BSU) proposed changes to the Student Senate constitution in hopes of more representation from student organizations, specifically those that have large memberships, large budgets and make an impact on Ripon’s campus. The possibility of revising the constitution every year rather than every three years has also been proposed. Due to the recent resignations of President Zaeem Kitsos and Vice President Hanan Majid, voting on these changes has st

Ripon College takes steps towards sustainability – RIPON MEDIA

Over the beginning of the fall semester, Ripon College has ramped up efforts to become more sustainable. The effort is part of a decade-plus-long process to make the campus more eco-friendly, with recent talk about sustainability being an effort to raise students awareness and participation about Ripon’s sustainability practices. Recent conversation about Ripon College’s efforts to go green arose after an email from President Messitte was sent to the Ripon College student body and faculty on Au

Your Parents Are Right, You Should Really Get A Job

Senior year is such a busy time as a student, but throw a job on top of it all and it becomes a whirlwind. I have been employed for about two years now, so I have my fair share of experience balancing my school, work and personal life. I am going to be completely honest, most of the time, it sucks. On the other hand, I would not trade my experiences at my job for anything. I work at Culver’s, the pinnacle of Midwestern dining. I have been fortunate enough to have been promoted to manager. As a

The Super Bowl Was Nothing More Than A Bad Football Game

The Super Bowl, the greatest spectacle in American sports. Months of anticipation, hype and build-up accompany The Big Game every year, but the show fell flat this time around. A 13-3 snoozefest between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams left much to be desired for fans. There is no doubt that this defensive struggle was a horrendous display of football ineptitude, but it is nothing more. The slow-paced warfare down in Atlanta has absolutely nothing to do with the current political turmoil of the United States. It is time to move past politicizing the game of football in order to push personal narratives.

Perfect, Broken Records Highlight NFL Week 5

As Week 5 concluded, the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs both stayed perfect on the year, and Drew Brees became the all time NFL leader in passing yards. Head coach Sean McVay led Los Angeles into Seattle, one of the NFL’s toughest places to play, and the Rams emerged with a 33-31 victory, improving their record to 5-0. The high-flying Rams offense was highlighted by Todd Gurley’s three rushing touchdow
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