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The Super Bowl Was Nothing More Than A Bad Football Game

Published on 20th February 2019

The Super Bowl, the greatest spectacle in American sports. Months of anticipation, hype and build-up accompany The Big Game every year, but the show fell flat this time around. A 13-3 snoozefest between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams left much to be desired for fans. There is no doubt that this defensive struggle was a horrendous display of football ineptitude, but it is nothing more. The slow-paced warfare down in Atlanta has absolutely nothing to do with the current political turmoil of the United States. It is time to move past politicizing the game of football in order to push personal narratives.

For years, big news outlets have picked apart sporting events, planting seeds of propaganda, mistrust and toxicity within. It isn’t hard to see why, as in certain instances a match will take center stage for the entire nation to see (i.e.: The Super Bowl). Why not try to get your message out there for as many people as possible to see it? Just this past month, arguments have been made that the controversial officiating of the NFL’s Championship Weekend matchups reflects the recent presidential election of Donald Trump. The games were ripe with accusations of cheating and foul play, much as the campaign and eventual election of President Trump were. It has been said that the blown calls of the games reflect the “crooked” political systems of the United States.

HA! Can you believe that garbage? The Super Bowl and the presidential election are completely incomparable. The two have incomprehensibly different circumstances, implications and consequences. This is the equivalent of saying failing a math test and a fatal car crash are equally destructive. Any argument made that the events are related is an absolute reach to conjure up even more turmoil in the media.

The politicization of American sports as a whole is quite sad, really. The last thing the Average Joe wants after a long day’s work is more politics crammed down his throat. He just wants to come home, eat a nice meal with his family, then kick his feet up and relax with some guys giving themselves brain damage. Sports are supposed to be an escape from everyday life, yet they have become tainted by the agendas and narratives of people so desperate for attention they cannot sit still.

Sports are physical spectacles of the body and mind, with a simple win/lose ending. Politics are intricate works of the mind and heart with fuzzy conclusions, too complex to discuss in a short manner. That which takes place in the chambers of the U.S. Congress should not be simplified and construed to fit within the lens of the sports world. It’s pathetic. Give it a break, guys. Stop reaching for nothing in our only escape from the inevitable pain of living.